Study Skills

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Mr. McCarthy

7th Grade Study Skills

Portage North Middle School


Welcome back 7th Graders!  Study Skills Class is the designated time for you to learn and practice good study habits, organization, time management, and responsibility.


Mr. Matt McCarthy

(269) 323-5709


Classroom Expectations:     Demonstrate the “Jr. Huskie Way”


Our school wide guidelines for behavior will be reflected in this classroom.  We are embracing three key ideas throughout the curriculum and code of conduct: respect, responsibility, and relationships.


Respect yourself: Take care of yourself by asking questions when you don’t understand, telling an adult when you are having a problem, and giving your best effort.


Respect your peers: The classroom is a positive and encouraging learning environment.  Disruptions, inappropriate language, and teasing will not be tolerated. 


Respect property: Students will be held accountable for the destruction/misuse of classroom materials and school property.


Be responsible: Students will be on time and prepared for class, materials in hand.  Assignment notebooks should come to class every day, every hour.


Build Positive Relationships:  There are ample opportunities in this classroom to connect with other students and adults.  Find your voice, but keep it positive. Be an active listener when others are sharing.



Classroom Management

Students will focus on the “Jr. Huskie Way” of Respect, Responsibility, and positive Relationships (friendly, helpful and kind).       


Target Behaviors:

ü  Coming to class prepared and on time

ü  Following teacher directions

ü  Showing effort/Asking questions/Being Productive

ü  Participation

ü  Respecting peers and staff


If you choose not to follow classroom expectations:


2nd-Move Seat

3rd- Alternate Classroom/Call home

4th-Office Referral


Tardy Procedures

Students must be in seats and ready to learn when the bell rings!

1st Tardy =Reminder

2nd Tardy = Warning

3rd Tardy = Phone call home

4th Tardy = Referral to the office (automatic 60 minute after school detention)


What Will I Be Graded On?


-Responsibility (Assignment Notebook Checks- 25 points/week)

Students are expected to complete assignments and keep their binder, locker, and work space organized.  Points will be deducted if students fail to bring their assignment notebooks to class everyday.  Student assignment books will be checked daily.  If students are consistently unable to maintain their assignment notebooks, they will be asked to bring this back signed by a parent/guardian everyday.


-Weekly Assignment (10 points/week)

Students will be required to check Parent Internet Viewer weekly in class and fill out a missing assignments sheet.  This sheet is to be returned the next day signed by a parent or guardian.  Failure to return sheet on time will result in a deduction of points.


-Productivity/On Task Behavior (10 points/week)

Participating in discussions, group activities, and independent work is expected. Asking questions and active listening are also important aspects of the learning process. Failure to participate in these activities will result in a deduction of points.  Extension activities are designed to pre-teach, reinforce, or practice skills.  Students will be required to show their best effort on these tasks throughout the week.  If a student is absent, he/she will not be required to make up activities for days missed.

At the end of the marking period, the teacher will calculate students’ grades from tests, daily quizzes, specific assignments, etc.  Letter grades will be assigned by the scale below.  

Student scores that result in .05 or higher should be rounded up.  The following percentage scale applies.
100 - 91.5  = A
91.4 - 89.5 = A-
89.4 - 87.5 = B+
87.4 - 81.5 = B
81.4 - 79.5 = B-
79.4 - 77.5 = C+
77.4 - 71.5 = C 
71.4 - 69.5 = C-
69.4 - 67.5 = D+
67.4 - 61.5 = D
61.4 - 59.5 = D-
59.4 - 0      = E
Grades will be rounded up only to the tenth place during this calculation.  Students will only earn a passing grade for a marking period if they achieve at or above 59.45%, which rounds to 59.5%.
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